Chassis Alignment

In many instances after a collision, the chassis, your vehicle’s structural framework, is bent or warped out of shape. This can, in the best circumstances, severely affect your vehicle’s handling and behaviour on the road.

Our workshop is equipped with specialty chassis tools to measure the current condition of your vehicle, then compare it to your vehicle’s factory specifications, providing us with a clearer picture of exactly where and how extensive the damage to your chassis is. This allows us to more effectively repair your vehicle, restoring its look and handling to as close as it can be to a pre-accident condition.

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Panel Repairs

At Vasse Panel & Paint we can provide a range of panel repairs to get your vehicle from repair of serious dents and welding to removal of rust in your vehicle’s doors or other panels.

Our Flatliner repair system allows us to conduct rapid repairs to your vehicle’s panels without even demounting them from your vehicle, saving us valuable time and you money. You can be sure that by bringing your vehicle to Vasse Panel & Paint for your panel repairs, you’ll be getting the highest quality repairs at an affordable price.

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Paintless Dent Removal

In some cases with minor panel damage, such as that from hail or from soft bumps in the car park, the metal underneath is the only part of your vehicle harmed, with the paint over the top more or less undamaged. To make repairs would usually require the paint to be sanded away to get to the metal, necessitating extra work to repaint the sanded area.

At Vasse Panel & Paint however, we can offer paintless dent removal, where our expert repairers can use specialty tools to mend the dent without further damage to your vehicle’s paint job, saving you a costly refinishing job to go with your panel repair.

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Our refinishing services will have your vehicle looking like it was never in an accident, with any paint work conducted indistinguishable from the original.

The secret is in our top of the line paint system, and our state of the art colour matching technology, allowing us to formulate a mix of paint that will perfectly match your vehicle’s current colour. Your vehicle’s new paint is applied in our purpose built climate controlled spray/bake booth, to cut down on material in the air and minimise any chance of flaws in your vehicle’s new paint job.

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Other Services

In addition to our panel and paint repairs, we’re also able to supply and install a wide range of replacement parts and aftermarket accessories, from new bullbars and towbars to replacement radiator units.

We’re also able to provide windscreen replacements within our workshop, all to cut time off the wait for your vehicle to be returned to you. And when your vehicle is returned to you, it will be after a diligent and thorough detailing of your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

To find out what else we can do for your vehicle, get in touch with us today!